Emma Participates in the Meeting of the Regional coalition of women human rights defenders in MENA

The Representative of Emma Organization's Duhok branch, Mrs. Gulchan Shukor has participated on the 1st of March in the Meeting of the regional coalition of women human rights defenders in the Middle East and North Africa  (MENA) / Iraq .

The Regional Alliance for Women Human Rights Defenders in MENA has coordinated a meeting about human rights defenders and discussing national protection mechanisms for women human rights defenders in Iraq.

The meeting was attended by representatives of 12 Iraqi organizations and took place in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon including (Emma Organization for Human Development , Iraqi Women and Future organization , the Yazidi Association , , President of the Iraqi Women's Association, Baghdad Women's Network, Hawa Organization for Relief and Development, Al-Rased Center for Human Rights, Iraqi Women's Institute, Women's Democratic Organization, GSIO for Gender Studies and Information), and Iraqi Amal Association.

The first session of the meeting was managed by the Regional Coordinator of the coalition, Mrs. Sara Abu Ghazala about the group and individuals concerned about human rights defenders.

" We have established a women's advocacy coalition in the Middle East and North Africa to promote protection for women defenders in the public field, highlight violations against them  and provide support through advocacy, activities , knowledge production , positive measures to challenge patriarchal culture, male domination and discrimination against women in different societies in addition to provide a safe space for them", Mrs. Sara said.

She also addressed the general vision of the coalition , which is represented by: building societies that believe in human rights, freedom and democracy without discrimination through resisting human rights violations in member states of the coalition and any other States, whether individuals or organizations.

As the Coalition aims to establish cohesive regional and sub-regional alliances that act as base or as local groups that support women defenders to raise their issues in a safe and effective environment by promoting ways of protecting and empowering women human rights defenders , disseminating the concepts of women human rights defenders , And to disseminate a culture of respect and support for women human rights defenders.

This is done through:

  1. Enhancing the means of protecting and empowering women human rights defenders.
  2. Disseminate the concepts of women human rights defenders and define their role.

The second session of the meeting included a 15-minute review of each organization present to answer the questions prepared by the coalition organizations:

a - profile of your work, and how intersect with human rights and defend them? B) What protectionist measures are you undertaking and what types of violations are usually occurring within your work (at the case level or at the district level)? What are the international covenants on which you base your work and how do you use them locally? (D) What are the national institutions (governmental or semi-governmental) concerned with human rights? How can they help in putting a national plan to protect women human rights defenders in Iraq? H. What are the obstacles facing or may face protection mechanisms for women defenders in Iraq? Each organization has been reviewed through the presentation program according to the above questions.

The third session of the meeting included reading the international resolution on women human rights defenders and thinking about suggestions or comments that can be developed at the level of Iraq.

The second day of the meeting included: 1. discussing how to protect women defenders in Iraq at the local level 2. Identify the local laws that can be used to protect women human rights defenders in Iraq. Collective action on the international resolution applies and intersects with domestic laws and makes recommendations for change. 4. Discuss national protection mechanisms and what resources and needs for their implementation.

It was agreed that the national protection mechanisms and the resources and needs of the local Iraqi organizations should be discussed extensively with the administrative bodies of the present organizations in order to work on them in cooperation with the coalition and local Iraqi organizations to work on them.

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