Emma organization in partnership with Kurdistan TV organized an event to screen “2 Years,8 Months and 6 Days” documentary film

Emma organization in partnership with Kurdistan TV organized an event on December 12th  , 2018 to screen “2 years, 8 Months and 6 days”, documentary film. The audiences, who presented in the event were human rights activists, journalists, local and international organizations, writer and critics as well.

The documentary portrays Layla Taalo story, a former ISIS sex slave, which is based on “Layla and the Nights of Pain”, book written by Khalid Taalo Layla’s brother.

Hero Ismail, a Kurdish media activist turned the book into a docudrama, which narrates Taalo’s story while being held by the militants. In her welcoming speech she did not wish the audiences to enjoy their time with the film. “ I will not wish to spend a happy time, because I am sure the film will not give you an enjoyable atmosphere”, Ismail stated.

The film brought almost every audience to a deniable crying scenery, affected by the scenes appeared in the film.

Bahar Ali, co-founder and the director at Emma organization during her speech implored Kurdish and Iraqi authorities to advocate Kurdish Yezidi rights. “The government has to bring back the decency of Kudish Yezidi life, unless they all will be obliged to leave to abroad’, she said

Taalo, started talking with a message to the world to come and see their situation,” Fortunately, we could escape, but there are girls still used as sex slaves, they have been faced forced marriage, sold and bought.” Here, Layla was not able to continue her speech due to the effects of the film that reminded her of her life she spent with ISIS militants.

Worth saying, after presenting the show, there was a discussion about the Kurdish Yezidi genocide in general with a focus on the documentary. The audiences agreed on working hard to support IDPs life in camps, who have been neglected by the Kurdish, Iraqi and international authorities.

In the end, Kurdistan TV presented awards to those who have been involved into the documentary. Emma organization and Hivos both awarded due to their hard work on empowering Kurdish Yezidi women, and grounding them to get a sustainable economic growth.

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