Emma conducts Art Therapy Training for Teachers and Social Workers in Kurdistan

Emma Organization conducted art therapy training for teachers and social workers to enable them to use as a tool with their students or clients. Art therapy can be used to help students and children communicate their feelings and thoughts and is used to help people going through emotional distress or problems.
All participants were introduced to the concept of art therapy and were provided with information and techniques to use. The teachers and social workers were given a number of activities, both individual and group work, over the three days and discussed how to proceed further with the program. They were given materials and guidelines on how to implement activities for their students and clients on the last day of the training.
The teachers and social workers will use the training to carry out art therapy activities in their schools during the rest of the month, initially with a certain number of their students. Emma Organization will be following up and providing support when necessary.
Dr. Bayan Rasul, co-founder of Emma Organization and Hawara Nawzad, therapist at Emma Organization, conducted the training and received positive feedback from all participants.

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