First two groups graduated at Emma center trainings in Shariya

(Kurdistan, Duhok) on 18th  November, 2018  a number of female graduated at knitting training and make-up at Emma Organization Center in Shariya district. This project is supported by the Dutch organization Hivos.

Emma Organization for human development supported the Kurdish Yezidi women through an empowering program and building a sustainable development project. The knitting training started in the middle of September and 20 female participants joined. Gradually, they were taught to weave knitting patterns. For most of the women, it was a great chance to come out, and bring a little change to their lives.

“Since I came to the center, I do not feel alone, it was hard to stay at home during the day. But, here women gather and discuss life”, Nafiya said.

Make- up training was offered at women request. After opening the new center in Shariya, women swept into the center to join the make-up training. In the end of the training feeling beautiful and learning caring their appearances was resulted in.

Ronahy Nabi, the psychologist at the center said” it is very important to see themselves beautiful. They are used to ignore their faces, as a way to stay in grieving. But this will make them think about obtaining their previous beauty again.

Emma Organization aims to support survivors who are targeted in conflicted areas and GBV. Emma works advocate their rights in Kurdistan Region and northern Iraq. The aim of this project is to empower women to become more resilient.

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