A Day Full Of Music And Dancing Was Spent At Dawdiya Camp

Duhok,Kurdistan (October 2nd , 2018), Emma organization community center for social support in  Duhok, organized an entertaining day to young  girls at Dawdiya camp, where Yezidi IDPs are settled.

As its main purpose to bring back life to Yezidi women, Emma organization holds activities, and events which help IDPs women psychology. This activity was held at Dawdiya camp, where a bunch of young girls joined, along with a musician. Together , they played music, sang songs and ended with a dance which was popular in their area.

“the main aim of this activity was to gather women and girls in an entertaining atmosphere, as they used to meet with tears in their eyes”, said Bahdinan, the organizer. “ they feel bored with having a routine day, majority of them neither go to school, nor to work. They were stuck at home live with their brutal memories happened to them. We need to take them out in order to make a connection with one another ”, added Bahdinan.

As a fact music can relax human minds, Several studies have indicated that different types of music can enhance concentration power, cognition, mood, reduction of stress and anxiety, healing from a traumatic incidence etc.


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