Emma center organizes different activities for IDPs and ISIS survivors in Duhok

Emma Organization for Human Development has organized different activities for displaced women and ISIS survivors at its center on the 25th of July 2018.

The activities included meditation and art therapy for more than 15 women from Persivi and Dawoodiya camps in Duhok province.

Such activities are believed to improve physical health, develop the social life, build confidence, strengthen a connection with others, and help practice mindfulness among women who are suffering from traumas due to what they have faced in their lives.

It's worth mentioning that Duhok community center which is one of the projects of Emma organization for Human Development that was created promote for human rights and dignity of the person and promotion well being of women, girls and their families affected by the conflict. Within the project, Emma is running a Community center and mobile teams providing the following services:

Psychosocial support activities for women, children, and men according to schedule for the different target group (relaxation activities, sports and recreational activities, health classes, music and art classes, outings etc.).

  • Awareness sessions for women, men, and youth on health, project and other services available, dealing with trauma, coping mechanisms etc.
  • Child-friendly spaces.
  • Legal aid for women and children.
  • Vocational training and life skills classes for women and girls.
  • Counseling for women and girls.


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