Emma celebrities its seventh anniversary

Emma Organization for Human Development on 28th of October organized a party for all its staff in Erbil/Shaqlawa, on the occasion of its founding day, and seven years of full hard work.

At the beginning of the party all the staff gathered together to break a cake and they wished to carry on their humanitarian work to reach more and more gender equality for all.

After breaking a cake, a useful presentation has been presented on feminism and the history of the organization and its vision and mission. Then after, many questions has been asked about the core meaning of feminism.

During the opening discussion about feminism Mrs. Ali shared the story of many strong women who fought for women right from long ago, and she said that “we owe them the freedom that we us a woman living in today, it’s their fruit” , “we are deeply appreciating their role when they kept to fought for every woman in such a war times” she added.

At the end, everybody given a chance to produce their views on feminism and what does the feminism mean to them, and how does many community view this team.

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