Electronic Security Training

Emma Organization for Human Development on 6th of October in the support of Medica Mondiale conducted a one-day Electronic Security Training at Cristal Hotel/ Erbil starting from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM for 17 members of its staff to ensure the safety of their work as well as to build their capacities on electronic security. Worth mentioning, the training has been held according a preventive measures to reduce the spread of COVID19.

At the beginning of the trainer gave a brief introduction to the training objectives. The course covered many contents involving who to Secure devices, Google chrome setting, Make strong passwords, Google account, Gmail setting, Facebook account, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Forms on PC, Laptop, and Phone, each content has been explained in detail theoretically and practically step by step along with participants made a working group to present and raised their questions about what they could not be able to get by it and discussed the benefits of all steps to one another within that group.  

At the end the trainer emphasized on some great important points like not using any applications without knowing all details about it and making sure of its security before working on it, and most importantly to secure it with a strong password not a data related to birth, and memories, for the phone ID it is better to use PIN pattern. Moreover, it is something of not safe to use one password for almost all personal accounts.   


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