Drawing course starts in Persevi camp as an art therapy process for IDPs

Emma Organization for Human Development has started a news drawing course for 15 displaced girls and women in Persivi camp in Duhok province.

The course started on the 11th of February 2018 and will continue for ten days to be run by our team from Duhok community center .

While art therapy is its own field, you can use the benefits of art to express your creative side and drawing skills to reduce stress and get in touch with your feelings. We think most of us knew this instinctively as kids: virtually all of us know the joys of sculpting something (with play-dough), painting something (with fingers), or drawing (with crayons and other materials).

Benefits of Art

One of the reasons that art therapy is effective is that the act of drawing and creating art can help you relieve stress in several ways. Here are some ways that creating art can alleviate stress:


Drawing and art can take your mind off of what’s stressing you, at least for a few minutes. It's difficult to keep ruminating on your problems when you're focused on creating, and if your problems stay with you, you can incorporate them into your creations.

And when you’re finished being engrossed in your sketches, you should have a clearer head with which to tackle your problems again.


There’s a certain quality of being called “flow” that experts say is very beneficial for us. This refers to a state of being completely engaged in something to the point of being in a near-meditative state.

It carries many of the benefits of meditation, leaving you much less stressed when you’re done. You can experience ‘flow’ when you’re doing creative activities like writing and even gardening. You can also get it from drawing.


Just the act of having a hobby can make you feel more balanced in your lifestyle. Sometimes, with all of life’s responsibilities, we forget that we need and deserve ‘down time’ and self-care. Taking even a few minutes on a regular basis to devote to a hobby can give you more of what you need in this area. And, with drawing, you have the additional benefit of being left with something beautiful (or at least interesting) to show for it!

Draw Out Your Emotions

Sketch pictures that describe your feelings related to things in your life that are causing you stress currently.

If it’s in the back of your mind anyway, this could be a way of processing your related emotions, reducing some of the stress they carry.

Process Old Stress

Sketch abstract pictures that express feelings related to past stressful experiences, as a way of processing your emotions and healing. This can be a form of journaling but can be especially helpful for those who are more comfortable with ideas and emotions that don't need to be put into words.

Its worth mentioning that Duhok community center which is one of the projects of Emma organization for Human Development was created promote for human rights and dignity of the person and promotion well being of women, girls and their families affected by the conflict. Within the project Emma is running a Community center and mobile teams providing the following services:

  • Psychosocial support activities for women, children and men according to schedule for different target group (relaxation activities, sports and recreational activities, health classes, music and art classes, outings etc.).
  • Awareness sessions for women, men and youth on health, project and other services available, dealing with trauma, coping mechanisms etc.
  • Child-friendly spaces.
  • Legal aid for women and children.
  • Vocational training and life skills classes for women and girls.
    Counseling for women and girls.


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