Developing action plan and advocate for support and services for children Born of sexual violence in Conflict and their survived mothers

Emma Organization for Human Development in the coordination of Unisef Organization held a two excessive Round-table discussion days(23-24/2/2020)  about the  current reality of the children of unknown parentage(father) and its mother and in the same time the suffering they are going through.

 It is undeniable that before ISIS took over some Iraqi areas, there were cases of such a children of unknown parentage, but likely not as much as the time after the terrorist invasion into homelands of Iraqis minority religious group, such as Christian, Yazidi and Shabak.

ISIS committed heinous acts towards the missioned group like sexually enslaving their women and girls as a result too many children born out of that sexual violence. After releasing that places and rescuing women and children from ISIS captivity, the topic of registering these children become a problem for the law and society.

Nearly 138 important persons whose specializes were differ from one another and came from different religious and environmental background being participated such as police, security forces, legal experts, yazidi community leaders, and Media, the attendances has been divided into four groups, two for each day but different halls, legal expert, police and security forces for the first day, Media and Yazidi community leaders took part in the second day of discussion.  

 Furthermore, the activity aims to work on what it should be done now and in the future for the children born out of rape during conflicts and its mothers.

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