Delivering a virtual seminar on suicide

Emma Organization for Human Development on 11th of January 2021 held a seminar on  Suicide to 12 women and girls who are living in Essyan IDPs camp more than six years, they are Yazidi people (Yazidi is an ancient Kurdish religious) from Shangal who fled ISIS in 2014 and left everything behind and came to the areas of Kurdistan and relocated in the camps under the tents.

Living in camps is not easy, despite the bitter cold of winter and the hot of the summer they are suffering many other problems like; lack services in camps, and unstable situation of economy that covered Iraq and Kurdistan in particular. It could be said that these are the main reason behind making the people to think of suicide and this might be more difficult for those who live in the camps, however many of them think that they lost all hope in life and having a desirable future.

 The seminar contained statistical information, warning signs of suicidal, elevated risk factors, and what should be done? Part of Emma Organization is to provide emotional support, and assistance as necessary to all persons in the crisis and those impacted by them, with the goal of reducing suicides and self-destructive behaviors.

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