Awareness session about early marriage in Persevi camp

Emma Organization's staff has conducted an awareness session on the 6th of August 2017 in Persevi 2 camp.

The session was directed to 14 displaced women and girls about early marriage and its negative effects on them physically and psychologically.

Child marriage is a formal or an informal union of two persons at least one of them is under 18 years old Child , marriage is also known as forced marriage, since a child usually lacks the maturity and level of information necessary to make an informed choice. Children also often accept to get married under pressure, including threat or actual use of force. Child marriage is a violation of child’s basic rights, and abusive by nature. It limits a child’s opportunity to enjoy his/her childhood, continue his/her education and limits his/her opportunities in life.

Children face enormous health risks related to early marriage, pregnancy and delivery, both physically and psychologically.

Starting these processes early in life also increases their risk of social isolation and exposure to violence. In the Kurdistan region-Iraq, child marriage is a serious and growing issue that needs an uncompromising intervention in the form of preventive legislations and protective measures. In parallel, sustained efforts to raise public awareness and continuous advocacy against child marriage remain a must for changing social practices and adopting new behavior. Without changing social practices, child marriage is bound to stay within a society even with the adoption of laws that prevent it.

Child marriage is a global issue that negatively affects the rights of adolescent boys and girls, with a particular disadvantage for girls: many more girls than boys are married young.

So Emma Organization is trying to conduct sessions to displaced girls in a step to prevent early marriage in their societies .


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