An Online Workshop on Grief and Loss

On 19th of January 2021, Emma Organization for Human Development in the coordination with Medica Mondiale conducted an online workshop on grief and loss as an integrate part of staff care at Emma. The workshop took place under the leadership of the consultant and trainer Maria Zemp on behalf of Medica Mondiale and Dr. Bayan Rasul technical advisor on behalf of Emma Organization.

based on many research, the impact of grief in the workplace is remediate by creating a grief-informed culture, best practices, and effective communication strategies among the staff who are working in the same place of work and across the organization. The creation of these practices requires the expertise of professionals and who understand the diversity of grief. Likely, understanding the needs of the impacted person by the grief is the best way to be supportive strategy to help that one who may going through the grief.

In conclusion, here is no person who does not go through the experiences of grief and loss that may cause a deep feeling of separation from an important person in his/her life. Though the Organization find it necessary to hold a workshop on how to overcome situations of loss and grief, and accepting the reality. On the other hand, it dealt with changing the mourning ceremonies in view of these developments and society’s awareness and its impact on the individual’s culture, the role of women and acceptance of reality.       

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