Adolescent toolkit session at Duhok community center

On 7-22/7/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development starts with the seven days’ session of Adolescents toolkits at Duhok community center for 5 host community and non-camp IDPs young girls.

The first day’s topic of the session is our girls got to know each other, putted rules for the sessions, and named the group. The day’s topic was the problem solving, the main reason behind it was to know how to find solutions for the problems. Third day’s topic was creating the relationship with parents and the goal was to know better how to deal with fathers and mothers. Forth day’s topic was about the decision making and the aim was to know how to take the right decisions. Fifth day’s topic was about the communication in difficult situations the goal was to know techniques in difficult situations. Sixth day’s topic was about our body the goal was to identify physical and emotional changes. Seventh day’s topic was how to manage the monthly period to know how to deal and manage their monthly period). At the beginning of the session girls were having the old idea that took it from their mothers and old sisters that during the period they couldn’t have shower.

On the other hand, adolescent in the present situation need to go out because they do not have another thing to do so such a session helped them to get new information and to enable them how to cope with the current time.

At the end, the girls said that “we do not have right to take decisions at home and always our family are taking decision instead of us even participating in the sessions is depending on them if they not agree we cannot participate”.

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