A workshop to evaluate a study regarding gender issue and hinders for not achieving gender equality in the Ministry’s field of work

On 7/9/2020 a meeting for Gender Unit in Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in the cooperation with Emma Organization for Human Development and with support of NPA (Norwegian Peoples Aid) has been held. The purpose of this is to present the results of an evaluation study including its laws and regulations as well as the gaps and obstacles that hinders achieving gender equality in the fields of Ministry.

At the beginning, a speech has been delivered by Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, the speech was specially about the topic and situation of gender in the ministry of Labor and Social Affairs and Ministry’s efforts to pay more attention to the status of the equality services for women, as it is so clear for everybody that there is nothing more important than women’s role to build a healthy and developed community. On the other hand, women in most of the communities are the most oppressed ones many years ago according to the low of differentiating gender and implementing men’s thoughts a visions. At this stage it is necessary to combat discrimination, and the new generation of Kurdistan should be educated on equality and justice for both gender. However, the Ministry of Labor and Social Affaires due to the past and current situation of Kurdistan being talking and advocating the gender issue directly according to the Ministry’s low and instruction has no aftermaths but the low is stable and the drafts of protecting the families, children, and low of work have been decided on and there is no space left for discrimination in the contrary it is against all discriminations of nation, religion, and sex....

Under any pressure we stood up proudly to provide services, no way given to discrimination and that means Ministry has nothing named discrimination against gender, Ministry in the services of all people without making discrimination.

The content of the workshop was about the aim of the evaluation and they prepared it like a manual of twenty pages for the attendance and as a research it has been prepared. It was about the Community’s type in the departments of Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs of Kurdistan Regional Government, it includes philosophy of Labor and Social Affairs, a study for low and instructions of Ministry, general framework of management in the Ministry, and the topic of gender equality in the works and programs of the Ministry been talked about. A particular aim of this evaluation were understandings regarding the works and duties of the Ministry in the Kurdistan Regional Government for shedding light on the coordination of this duties in the community field, and knowing the level and volume of gender equality between the ministries specially in the management positions.

 The proposal of Bahar Ali the director of the Emma Organization for Human Development was that this evaluation should be turn to a good study and to be given to every parties for tomorrow if any organizations and places want to rely on this study. Ministry of Labor and Social Affaires can by itself raise the awareness of the community, setting up a mechanism for joint work for all ministries and organizations is another establishment, together and Ministry of Labor and Social Affaires legitimately for another time has to study all other lows that gave importance to the women issue.  

At the end, they recommended the evaluation for the issue of gender, the rights and duties of women should be spoken about in a clear way, and taking gender equality into consideration as well as their situation, however it is necessary in law box of supporting the small projects for young take women’s capabilities into consideration, and it is so important that the Ministry of Labor and Social Affaires through the Kota system give a special range of consultants and managements to female, and it is necessary a member of gender unit participant in Ministry at the Ministry’s council for not missing any decision and project that not taking gender equality into consideration.

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