A Symposium on Breast Cancer

Emma Organization for Human Development on 21st of October 2020 organized a symposium within the project of enhancing individual and structural agency to overcome S/GBV in IDPs camps and host communities in Kurdistan Region of Iraq in Hawkari community cancer on breast cancer for 13 women and girls in Hawkari neighbourhood and its surrounding areas according to the precautionary instruction.

Breast cancer awareness is an attempt to raise awareness and limit the spread and infecting the women with this disease by introducing its symptoms and treatment.

The symposium has been presented by Dr. Venus Abu Bakr Muhammad specialist in obstetrics and genecology.

During symposium, the response rate of the participants was very large, as all of them participated in the discussion and asked their questions that related to the topic.

Every year the organization prepares these seminars continuously, especially with the approaching World Breast Cancer Day.

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