A session on the symptoms and ways of dealing with Menstrual period

On 21/7/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development held a session on the symptoms and ways of dealing with Menstrual period for young IDPs girls whose age between 14-17 years old at Sharya community center.

The activity was all about spreading awareness on the psychological symptoms of Menstrual period and the ways of dealing with it as well along with taking care of self. On the other hand, giving them awareness on how one has to prepare herself before going through the Menstrual period for the first time, for not facing shocks at that time and to take the matter easily, and to be able to distance themselves away from the old speeches like the girls should not take a shower and move a lot at that time but instead to keep doing so as it will help reducing the pain.

The session being held as it could be seen that the level of awareness in this regard was very low. Meanwhile, it is could be noticed that due to the outbreak of the corona virus almost all members of the families are living together, and for this it is important to promote the girls’ awareness in general and the mothers in particular in this matter to be well aware of physical changes that occurring to their daughters as well as to be able to provide psychological support for them at this sensitive stage of life.

According to the participants’ speech they highly got benefit from the information being said during the session because they said that” we have participated in many other sessions about the same topic, but this is the first time we hear about the psychological effects and how to deal with it being told vividly for young girls”.

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