A second training for a young feminist group

On 16,17,18th of November Emma Organization for Human Development with the support of NPA (Norwegian people’s Aid) conducted a three-day training for the second time for a group of young girls in Kani Hotel in Duhok governor.

The training covered an important topics related to the emergence of the feminist movement in Iraq and Kurdistan. Moreover, the trainer Khelan Nawzad shed light on the history of some well-known kurdish feminist women, and displaying some videos in order to create an open discussion for the participants. However, one day they visited Emma center in Duhok to know the nature of the work of the organization inside that community center and including services they are providing to the women and girls of the host community and IDPs who are living in the camps.

This training being organized for raising capability and awareness of young girls more on the basics of the feminism. At the end of the meeting, some plans were presented for the next training.

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