A party for an IDPs women and girls

On 13the of December 2020 Emma Organization for Human Development organized a simple and humble party in Essyan IDPs ,on the occasion of coming to the end of three courses including English, Sewing, and illiteracy, for the women and girls who participated in these courses.

The three courses lasted for three months, and the have been opened upon the IDPs women and girls’ request, as they always want to learn something new and to be busy to forget what they have experienced in the resent years to be able to build a bright future for themselves.

During the party the products of the participants had been distributed to them as a gift, the feelings of happiness could be seen on their face after receiving gifts in such a way. However, they praised Emma’s role and efforts and asked these kind of activities to be continued to get benefit from them, like economically to be able to grow so to be able to depend on themselves.

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