A delegation from the Emma organization visited the palace of the Prince of the Yazidis

On 24 /01/2021, a delegation of the Emma Organization for Human Development including Mrs,Bahar Ali and the deputy of the Organization and  Dr. Bayan Rasul a psychotherapist and the deputy director at Emma visited the Palace of the Yazidi prince in Sheikhan,In order to to search many ways to more support and cooperate the women and girls of Yazidi community in general and the Survivors of ISIS in particular. During the visit, they met Prince Hazem Tahseen Saeed (the Prince of Yazidi in Iraq and the world ) and his wife Princess Mayan, to discuss the situation of Yazidi women and girls within the community.

His Highness the prince stressed the importance of organizations supporting the rights of women and survivors in particular. Pointing out that what the Yazidi women have been exposed to is beyond imagination. On the other hand, princess Mian Khairy Bey said: The Yazidi community needs support in all its forms, explaining that there is randomness in providing support. In addition, she spot light on the great news of Yazidi women have become stronger than before, and today they occupy various positions and have their personality and independence.

At the end, they also praised the efforts of both His Highness the Prince and his wife Princess Mayan Khairi Bey in supporting Yazidi women and girls at various levels. At the end of the visit, the delegation visited the late Prince’s grave (Tahseen Saeed Ali)and they laid a wreath on it.

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