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A project for eradication of FGM in Kurdistan

This project is a joint work of Emma organization with Ministry of health and the high council of women affairs which was funded by UN women for one year

The main idea is to have a direct contact with the parents of new born girls in order to make them aware of the harms of FGM on their daughter’s health and the legal punishments that parents will face if they circumcise their daughters, let alone the psychosocial problems the girls face as a result of FGM.

The operational work started in October 2014 in four health centers in Erbil, and is extended to other seven health centers.

We choose these health centers according to the research that has been done in 2013; the FGM percentages in these places were very high.


Activities of the project

(Comprehensive approach applying a variety of educational and communication tools and channels

  1. Capacity building/ training of below actors:

Training health sectors employee (medical and paramedical staff ) on the project process and administration and collecting data base

  1. Raising awareness of:

Parents of new born babies

Tradtional Birth attendance and community leaders

Public (men and women)

Women Quran readers and religion leaders

  1. Publications

Printing brochures contains of information on FGM and articles of laws that criminalize it

Developing new forms for health sectors and schools which include information and questions on FGM

Printing posters on FGM and put in the health sectors and schools

Translating and printing a research on FGM

  1. Distribution of computers to the medical center and training the staff how to use it for data collecting
  1. Advocacy

The project will make an advocacy for eradication of FGM among Kurdish community.

Results of the project

  1. For the first time the Ministry of Health centers are the core implementing partners to prevent such actions through the awareness of parents of newborn girls and mandatory distribution of the brochures on effect of FGM on girls to the families while the registration of their new born babies.
  2. Training medical and paramedical staff on FGM
  3. Raising families and population awareness on FGM ; the main aim is changing attitude and knowledge about FGM
  4. Enforcement laws, the national strategy to end VAW and the MOH action plan on FGM
  5. The idea is to have the FGM prevention embedded as a part of MOH services after birth
  6. Tradtional Birth attendance and community leaders are supporters against FGM
  7. Development of Printed and other multimedia communicator information material on FGM.

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