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Awareness session about early marriage in Persevi camp

Emma Organization's staff has conducted an awareness session on the 6th of August 2017 in Persevi 2 camp. The session was directed to 14 displaced women and girls about early marriage and its negative effects on them physically and psychologically. Child marriage is a formal or an informal union of two persons at least one…
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Sewing course starts in Dawoodiya camp

Emma Organization's Duhok branch has started a sewing course in Dawoodiya camp in Duhok province that will continue for 9 days from the 7th of May till 18th of the same month for 20 Yazidi women in which the participants have showed several products done by them.
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Duhok Community center celebrates International Women’s Day

Duhok Community center has celebrated International Women's Day by organizing a celebration in Bersev 2 camp on the 8th of March 2017 , the celebration included different activities as well as the distribution of gifts to more than 100 displaced women attended by the Manager of Bersev 2 camp and different organizations.  
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