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commemoration of Yadidi Genocide

3/8/2020, we are celebrating the sixth anniversary of the Yazidi genocide that committed by ISIS on 3rd August 2014. After six years there are still up to 380,000 Yazidis are displaced in the camps in the Kurdistan region, more than 3000 Yazidi people including women and young boys and girls are disappeared or under ISIS…
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A session about reproductive health in Sharya community center

On 13th July awareness session has been conducted for IDPs women about Reproductive health in Sharya community center , during the session all stages of pregnancy have been explained in details, like the first one there is a change in psychology and blood pressure, the second one the baby starts to move,and the third one…
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Conducting one-day meeting with Khanzad and Hawkary team

 One-day meeting with khanzad and hawkary team organized for lawyers and project managers in both Emma and Khanzad organization. The meeting held in Erbil Emma organization head office on 27 February for exchanging experience during one year working to use their ability and different experiences to develop the project, during the meeting they discussed two…
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