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Hawkari center delivers a lecture about Breast diseases and its symptoms

Hawkari Center (a branch of Emma Organization for Human Development) has delivered a lecture by the Gynecologist Dr. Sweva Akbari , Specialized in surgery and breast diseases on the second of August 2017 for 39 women as she focused on types and symptoms of breast diseases that most women face currently as well as steps…
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Handcraft course in Dawoodiya camp

Duhok center, a branch of Emma Organization for Human Development has started a handcraft course for 15 women, the course was given by a displaced trainer also from the same camp. The course lasted for 10 days, from the 10th of July till 20th of it 2017.                …
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Hawkari center organizes an English course for beneficiaries’ children

Emma Organization For Human Development has started the second English course for the women's children who benefit from the services and activities given by the organization in Hawkari Center in Erbil . More than 70 children  have participated in this course and said that they are so happy and eager to participate in more courses…
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