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IDP men take part in Volleyball in Dawoodiya Camp

A Volleyball match took place on the 17th, May 2018 in Dawoodiya Camp in Duhok for a number displaced men and people of host communities. The activity was organized by Emma Organization. The volleyball match was a way of interacting with the displaced men, who have lost their livelihood, as a motivator for their psychological…
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EMMA Center awareness session on Reproductive Health and Hygiene

Emma Organization for Human Development has conducted an awareness session on reproductive health and hygiene for a number of displaced women in Dawoodiya and Persivi camp on the 10th of May, 2018. The Organization has also done other activities in Dawoodiay camp on the 6th of May, such as volleyball activities for women and girls…
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Literacy Course Organized for IDPs in Dawoodiya Camp

Emma’s Literacy Course has started on the 17 April, 2018 in Dawoodiya Camp for a group of displaced women and is still continued . Access to education is a fundamental right and it is crucial in restoring confidence for those women who lost everything. Education plays a major role in ensuring poverty reduction and empowering…
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Graduation of a new sewing group from Hawkari center

On the 2nd of May 2018 , another group of 22 displaced women has graduated from our sewing course in Hawkari center. The women were really happy to finish such a course that has already changed the lives of three of them who started thier own business. Emma Organization for Human Development encourages women to…
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