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The Management of Dohuk Governorate honors Emma organization

The Directorate of Dohuk Governorate honored on Thursday 5/10/2017 a number of local organizations working in the humanitarian field. Mr. Ismail Mohamed Ahmed, Deputy Governor of Dohuk Governorate for Affairs of Displaced Persons and Refugees, honored the representatives of (EMMA , PDO, ASFL) organizations in Dohuk province, funded by NPA, after these organizations have opened…
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Marketing Event organized by Emma conducted in Duhok

Emma Organization For Human Development with (PDO and ASFL) supported by NPA had organized a Marketing event named “Hand in hand to support and empower women for a better future” on 30th of September , 2017 in Duhok. In which women and girls who are survivors from ISIS most of them are Yazidis and IDPs…
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Self confidence seminar delivered in Hawkari Center

Emma Organization For Human Development has organized a seminar in Hawkari center (one of Emma's Branches in Erbil) about Self Confidence, it was delivered by Mrs. Avin Ibrahim, a writer and a social worker to a group of women who live in Hawkari area. As she talked about the basics of self confidence , its…
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Art Therapy Guidebook prepared by Emma Organization

An Art therapy guidebook has been prepared and written by Emma Organization for Human Development ,the Guidebook included all steps in details of two art therapy courses, which took place in Erbil in cooperation with Hijman Degen Foundation and Hivos that held the training called, Training program of the Introductory ART THERAPY & TRAUMA TREATMENT…
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