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Meeting organized by Emma and Women Peace Group in Kurdistan parliament

Emma Organization for Human Development, Women leaders for Peace Group in Kurdistan with the help of Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) and the board of women rights supports held a meeting on the 4th of December 2017 in Kurdistan parliament. The meeting was attended by the Head of Kurdistan parliament, the Deputy Head of the parliament,…
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Cooking course starts in Duhok center

Emma Organization has conducted an activity about how to make pickles for displaced women   in its center in Duhok on 29th of November 2017 . “Cooking has therapeutic value physically, cognitively, socially and intrapersonally. Physically, cooking requires good movement in shoulders, fingers, wrists, elbow, neck, as well as good overall balance. Adequate muscle strength is…
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Emma Organization displays its participant’s products in Duhok

Emma Organization for Human Development has participated in an exhibition held by fighting violence against women center in Duhok on the 26th of November 2017 in Duhok city in Kurdistan region. The exhibition included products made by displaced women and ISIS survivors , where many of the products have been sold and Duhok Governorate has…
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