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Leadership and Awarwness on COVID19 training for Yazidi girls

On 8/9/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development organized a leadership training in Erbil under the supervision of Bahar Ali the Director of Emma Organization for nine young Yazidi girls who survived ISIS captivity from 11:00 AM till on how to spread awareness on COVID19 in their community. The training begun with the self-care activity for…
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International literacy Day

Every year this day is celebrated to encourage the people towards achieving education as Literacy is important as food to be alive and success. It is too necessary to eradicate the poverty, lowering the child mortality, attaining the gender equality, and ending the world’s tragedy being caused by illiteracy etc. This ability is only in…
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Meeting for Feminist Organization in Kurdistan Region

On 1/9/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development in the support of NPA (Norwegian People Aid) held a meeting in Didamn Hotel from 10 AM till 2 PM for feminist organizations in Kurdistan to agree on a framework for joint work and create a lobby for Kurdistan women at regional level. In recent years many women…
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Online course of Ethics of Humanitarian Media

On 9/2/2020, the International Organization for Migration (IOM)held a session on Ethics of Humanitarian Media via Skype from 9:30 a.m. until 1:30 p.m. for a group of persons who are interested in this field under the supervision of Professor Hassan Mahmoud and Rafael Abdul Latif, in which the two of the Emma Organization for Human…
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