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Workshop of community leaders committee conducted in Duhok

Emma Organization for Human Development has conducted a workshop of community leaders committee in Duhok about fighting violence against women presented by the lawyer , Suzan Khdida on 29th  of November 2017. Violence against women and girls is rooted in gender-based discrimination and social norms and gender stereotypes that perpetuate such violence. Given the devastating…
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Meeting organized by Emma and Women Peace Group in Kurdistan parliament

Emma Organization for Human Development, Women leaders for Peace Group in Kurdistan with the help of Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) and the board of women rights supports held a meeting on the 4th of December 2017 in Kurdistan parliament. The meeting was attended by the Head of Kurdistan parliament, the Deputy Head of the parliament,…
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GBV Training for teachers conducted in Erbil

Emma Organization for Human Development has conducted trainings in different schools in Erbil for 50 new teachers, social workers and directors on October 2017. The training was delivered by 10 teachers and social workers who received previous trainings from Emma and became trainers in 2016 to become knowledgeable about GBV issues. The teachers have added…
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