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Conducting a half-day coaching session online

Emma Organization in partnership with Medica Mondiale conducted an online half-day coaching session in the time of Corona on 10th of June. The core of the coaching was about raising awareness on gender challenges such as self-empowerment, strengthening self-responsibly in the frame of staff care at Emma, and how one can pay more focus on…
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The celebration of international women day (8th of March)

 8th of March marks as an international women’s day and it is a day of working together to stand up against all kinds of violence and discrimination against women and girls worldwide. However, Emma organization planned to organize some activities with other organizations working in women’s field in Erbil city.  All activities have been canceled…
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Celebrating One Billion Raising Campaign

14,2,2020, Emma Organization for Human Development launched the "One Billion Rising " campaign in Erbil - Kurdistan region, and it is worth mentioning that it is the first Kurdish organization that participated in this important campaign for the women's movement, as it aims to raise awareness regarding women’s right and collect a bunch of female…
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Emma organization organized a campaign in Erbil city center

In continuing of serial events and activities regarding commemorating 16 days of activism, Emma organization has been organizing various activities and seminars in Erbil, Duhok (camps) and Sharya. Emma organization staff at the three centers in Erbil, Duhok and Shariya started the campaign on street  with giving awareness lessons, spreading brochures including information based on…
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