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Duhok center’s activities in Dawoodiya camp

Emma Organization For Human Development has conducted a number of activities such as competitions , awareness lectures and entertainment  activities for youth , children and ISIS Yazidi survivors  on May 2017 in Dawoodiya camp in Duhok. Such activities is a way to reduce the pain that these people are suffering from due to ISIS captivity…
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Yazidi women celebrate the Yazidi New Year with Emma organization

On the occasion of the Yazidi New Year's Day, which coincided with 19/4/2017, Emma organization has established an entertaining activity for Yazidi women and girls in Dawoodiya camp one day where more than thirty women gathered in Dukok center to make several types of desserts in joyful and happy atmosphere.
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Graduation of the first sewing course by Emma organization

About 42 women have graduated in the 29th of September 2016 from Hawkari community center in Erbil from a sewing course that lasted for about one year,amid a small ceremony where they have received certificates on their success in the course to became professionals. Emma organization has asked a number of the women who learned…
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Hawkari center in Erbil

Hawkari Center was handed over by the Ministry of Education in 2015 to Emma organization for human development  in Hawkari area which was suffering from lack in educational and cultural services among women and young girls in that area . Working in the center is actually (five) days a week in addition to  delivering courses…
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