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Volleyball match for IDP women conducted in Persivi Camp

A Volleyball match took place on the 12th of September 2018 in Persivi Camp2 in Duhok province for a number displaced women. The volleyball match is a way of interacting with the displaced women, who have lost their livelihood, it was organized as a motivator for their psychological health. Emma has created a safe space…
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New group of women graduate a sewing course in Hawkari center

On the 13 of September 2018, 12 women have graduated from a sewing course in Hawkari center. Emma Organization for Human Development always supports women to learn new skills for free to make a financial profit for themselves and their families. The center has also planned for a small celebration for the women to distribute…
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How to educate a child seminar presented in Hawkari center

On the 3rd of August 2018, a seminar was presented by the volunteer (Ms.Paiman Ramzi), a student in the Basic Education college about (How to educate a child) for 13 women from Hawkari area. Children are the foundation of society; they are the ones who will develop society when they grow up. It is necessary…
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Handcraft course starts in Hawkari center

Emma Organization for Human Development has started on the 4th of September 2018 , a handcraft course for children who live in Hawkari center. The course was presented by a volunteer to 27 children to learn how to make rings and bracelets. Mothers of the area have requested from the organization to teach their young…
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