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Distributing basic needs in the time crisis of COVID-19

Emma Organization for Human Development at the very beginning time of COVID-19‘s prevalence in Kurdistan region worked in front-line to reach more families, then it started to offer its social and psychological services via phone calls by psychologist teams. At the same time, provided basic needs, hygiene kits, cloth face masks, and brochures to raise…
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Conducting a Supportive Sessions for Women in Dawdya Camp

In February Emma conducted supportive sessions in Dawdya camp for 32 participants. Each session covers useful and different topic. By offering a safe environment to these women, they are able to cover six key subjects: gender based violence, self-esteem and self-confidence, negotiation skills, social support networks, and the ability to take decisions, participating in public…
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Opening a sewing course for IDPs women in Harsham camp

Emma Organization for Human Development on 3.2.2020 started its work inside the Harsham camp and opened an activity such as course in art of sewing as well as provided a psychological and social support, and legal services. The course took place every Sunday and Monday, each day class involved a good number of the women…
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The Meeting of the High Committee

On 11/2/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development organized a meeting for the Advisory Committee which headed by Buhhar Ali, it took place in the head office of an organization from 11 AM till 3:00 PM, meanwhile it contained of eight other members from deferent fields and religion background such as health, women right, children, Politian,…
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