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Seminar about pollution presented in Hawkari center

Emma Organization for Human Development (Hawkari center) in Erbil presented a seminar by Dr. Sabeha Hasan on the 8th of November 2017 about pollution. The seminar was presented to the women in Hawkari area , the Doctor focused on many important things about pollution and environment , how it effects human health and can cause…
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Emma held its fourth Community Leaders Committee meeting

Emma Organization For Human Development has held its fourth Community Leaders Committee meeting with society leaders on the 2nd  of November , the meeting talked about the previous work and actions made by community leaders to prevent or respond to GBV cases, (How, What did they do , What are their experience). Community Leaders Committee's…
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Knitting course opened for displaced people in Dawoodiya camp

A new knitting course has started on the 7th of November 2017 for displaced women from different backgrounds in Dawoodiya camp in Duhok province. Emma is using creative art therapies as a means of reaching out to war refugees in their communities who may not respond to traditional talk therapy. In this case, the use…
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GBV Training for teachers conducted in Erbil

Emma Organization for Human Development has conducted trainings in different schools in Erbil for 50 new teachers, social workers and directors on October 2017. The training was delivered by 10 teachers and social workers who received previous trainings from Emma and became trainers in 2016 to become knowledgeable about GBV issues. The teachers have added…
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