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IDP women take part in Volleyball in Persivi Camp

A Volleyball match took place on the 10th, June 2018 in Persivi Camp in Duhok for a number displaced women and people of host communities. It was organized by Emma Organization. The volleyball match was a way of interacting with the displaced women, who have lost their livelihood, as a motivator for their psychological health.…
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Emma Duhok Center conducts Community Leader’s Committee Meeting

Emma Organization for Human Development conducted a Community Leader’s Committee (CLC) meeting on the 29thMay, 2018 in their Duhok Center. The meeting covered the issues that are taking place in the camps and delivered a training on advocacy and its stages to the staff. The training discussed the meaning of advocacy and how it develops…
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IDPs successfully finish Literacy Course in Dawoodiya Camp

A number of IDP women at the Dawoodiya camp have successfully completed the Literacy Course. Emma's Literacy Course started on the 17 April, 2018 in Dawoodiya Camp and was dedicated to a group of displaced women. Access to education is a fundamental right and it is crucial in restoring confidence for those women who have…
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