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Peer support group at Sheikhan community center

On 12/8/2020 Emma Organization for Human Development held a peer group session for six women and girls who are living in Sheikhan as a host community and IDPs. Peer group is one of the action that emma do it to link the people who are effected by one of unexpected accident in their life and…
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Self-care session at Sheikhan community center

On 17/8/2020 one of Emma Organization for Human Development’s psychologist conducted a self-care session for three staff members of Emma at Sheikhan community center. Self-care is one of Emma project to reduce stress among the staff and its beneficiaries. It is deeded to reduce the level of stress among the staff and give them a…
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Implementation of the relaxation exercises in the time of COVID-19

After easing some lock down's measures by the government, the administration of Emma organization planned to work in head office and all its centers in both Erbil and Dohuk Governors  part time, with each day starting work with relaxation exercises to release the sense of stress that the staff gained as the result of unexpected…
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Supervision session for Sharya and Dohuk community center staff

At the very beginning of March as well as the COVID-19 spread, Supervision session has been held for Emma Staff at Dohuk and Sharya’s centers on two consecutive days one on each center, a supervision session has been done by a psychologist from the project of Medica Mondiale. However, the session in Dohuk center involved…
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