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IDP women take part in Volleyball in Persivi Camp

A Volleyball match took place on the 10th, June 2018 in Persivi Camp in Duhok for a number displaced women and people of host communities. It was organized by Emma Organization. The volleyball match was a way of interacting with the displaced women, who have lost their livelihood, as a motivator for their psychological health.…
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Emma Duhok Center conducts Community Leader’s Committee Meeting

Emma Organization for Human Development conducted a Community Leader’s Committee (CLC) meeting on the 29thMay, 2018 in their Duhok Center. The meeting covered the issues that are taking place in the camps and delivered a training on advocacy and its stages to the staff. The training discussed the meaning of advocacy and how it develops…
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Art Therapy Course Conducted in Duhok

In coordination with Hijman Degen Foundation and the Norwegian People's Aid (NPA) Organization, Emma Organization conducted a 5-day Art Therapy Course, which started from the 27th to the 31st of May, 2018. The course took place in Emma's Duhok center. 15 Participants of the course included Emma staff and staff from other organizations that work…
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