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Sewing Course starts in Persivi Camp

Emma Organization has started a sewing course for displaced women in Persivi Camp, Duhok, in the Kurdistan Region. The course will last for ten days, which started on the 19 April, 2018. The course will allow beginners learn a new skill and for others to build on the skills they had learned from previous courses.…
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Literacy Course Conducted for IDPs in Dawoodiya Camp

Emma’s Literacy Course commenced on the 17 April, 2018 in Dawoodiya Camp for a group of displaced women and will last for twenty days. Access to education is a fundamental right and it is crucial in restoring confidence for those women who lost everything. Education plays a major role in ensuring poverty reduction and empowering…
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Emma organizes an Awareness Session on Psychological Health for Displaced Women

Emma Organization arranged an awareness session on the 16th of April 2018 about psychological health for displaced women from the Dawoodiya Camp, in the Kurdistan Region. After the awareness session Emma Organization and the women visited the Lalish Holy Shrine (the holiest temple for the Yezidis). The women also participated in the coloring eggs activity…
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