A new sewing training course started for women

Erbil, Kurdistan ( October 3rd , 2018) Emma organization community support center started a new sewing training for a number of women.

Emma organization has a frequent sewing training for women. Usually,  the targeted women are those who did not have access of school in their adultness, now they stay at home, need to break their routine days.  Some of them already participated in the previous training, they advanced their skills in styling fabrics, and  turn a cloth into another one. While, for others it is their first step to sew, they hoped to reach a level where they can be trainer one day. “ The purpose of the course is to teach women use their skills in their service, it is a common skill that Kurdish women have , but, they rarely learn how to turn this passion into a business”, said Behkal, the project manager.

In order to inspire women  to value their capacities, the staff converse about various subjects which will  educate the women  daily,  this improves their abilities and have a more peaceful mind.

Emma organization frequently gives training courses to empower women psychologically and socially. This sewing training course could be a chance to the women to find people with same passion, and it would be an idea to set up a small business together.

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